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Answers to your most frequently asked questions

How do I get to RailWorx 2019?

See Plan Your Visit – Getting There

I will be travelling some distance so is there overnight accommodation?

See Plan Your Visit – Accommodation

Do I need to buy a ticket?

You will need a ticket but registration is free of charge. You can Register for RailWorx above.

Will I see equipment and machinery in operation?

Yes, you will. RailWorx has a large outdoor demonstration where exhibitors can have their machinery working to give you a good idea of what it will do.

It’s a railway industry show, but is there any railway track?

There is. The RailWorx team has arranged for Network Rail to supply track panels so that exhibitors can show off their equipment in an environment that is as close to a live railway as possible, but without the safety hazards that being on a live railway would bring. They even managed to get hold of a working set of points for one exhibitor!

Do I need to wear protective clothing?

All demonstrations at RailWorx are fenced off so you don’t need any special protective clothing to attend. However, we would recommend stout footwear as, despite the laid-out paths, the stands themselves are still on grass and are not completely flat. Also, remember to protect yourself from the British summer weather!

What if the weather is bad?

There is a large indoor exhibition hall so you can escape any showers in there. Also, most exhibitors will have a cover (tents, gazebos, awnings) on their stands to shield you from the worst of the rain. But if in doubt, bring a brolly…

Will there be mobile reception on site?

Yes, there is excellent O2 phone signal and 4G across the entire site

Will there be wi-fi across the site?

Yes, there will be 'hot spots' across the site. Exhibitors can also purchase ‘booster’ packs if they are looking to run online utilities within their stand. 

Will there be plenty of toilets?

On site, there are brick-built toilet blocks across the external arena, as well as plenty of indoor facilities throughout the internal areas. The arena is fully staffed by a great team of attendants who regularly manage all of the facilities. 

Will there be walkways for pedestrians?

Yes. There are existing concrete pedestrian walkways across the entire site, and further walkways will be laid between stands and throughout the dig zone to ensure visitors get a great view of everything that is going on. Even if the weather isn’t on our side, we are working hard to keep mud to a minimum! 

Are dogs allowed on site?

The only dogs which are allowed on site are Assistance Dogs.

Are children allowed on site?

Children under 12 years of age are prohibited from attending the Exhibition but as long as each child is accompanied throughout by an adult or in an organised school party there will be no age restriction on Thursday 13th June. Nobody under the age of 16 years will be allowed on site during build-up or break-down periods.

Can schools visit the site?

Yes. Please follow the link to register for tickets

Is there a shop on site?

Yes, there will be a 'pop up' shop on site. Open days are:

28th May 2019 - 15th June 2019

If you have any questions about the show, the site, or our exhibitors, please don't hesitate to get in touch here.